4 ways to speed up web page loading time & Performance [ 2019]

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4 ways to speed up web page loading time & Performance [ 2019]

4 ways to speed up web page loading time & Performance [ 2019]

Having a slow running website is a nightmare that can put your clients off from viewing your articles and information.
No one likes a website that runs slow and takes more time to load, do they?

What is Web page loading time & Importance for ranking in Search Engine?

Page load time is the time taken to download and display the entire content of a web page. It indicates how long it takes for a page to completely load when a user makes a request. It is one of the top factors to be considered for ranking in the number 1 position of Google & user experience also.

We can check Page loading speed & performance of the website by

You might have come across different websites where the loading speed of the page may vary. This is because of many factors that can affect page load time. It may depend on the speed of the server or design of the web page which has elements like images and videos or by the location of the requested browser.

Google indicates that ” Page speed is most important factors to consider while ranking the webpages in Search engine ranking pages.

Does website loading speed really matter?

More than 50% of internet users expect a web page to completely load within 2 seconds. Such an impact of page load speed has created.
Financial times have conducted a survey on page load speed which affects the reading habit of internet users. They found that a 1-second delay in page load time led to a 4.9% drop in the number of articles read and a 3-second delay led to a 7.2% drop.

Check this out 4 ways to speed up web page loading time & performance

  • The first thing is to make your website simple. Don’t overload with unwanted media elements.
  • File compression which reduces the size of the code and optimizes the images. While optimizing use proper methods which doesn’t affect the quality of the image.
  • Nothing is better than caching the website. All the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) have cache plugins that cache your website and reduces the load on the browser.
  • Redirects are best practice to navigate users to the right page, but the user faces an additional time for the request to complete. So better to avoid this if possible.
  • If you have clients in different regions of the world, it is recommended to use the Content Delivery Network (CDN). There will be mini servers closer to your users so that they can receive it quicker.


With high internet speed in the market, people are becoming more impatient. If your website is slow and doesn’t get with the fast loading speed, your business may go down. So start improving your website speed. It is better late than never. If you feel that “from websites, we can do online Marketing business then Vueken is the Best Digital Marketing company in Bangalore for providing the best quality & highly satisfied services globally.

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