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Why do we all use social media?

Why do we all use social media?

We all use social media but Why do we all use social media ? A recent report interviewed a range of social media users and explored what keeps them coming back to social media/networks. The study reported that 42% use social media to keep in touch with what their friends are doing. Conversely, it is becoming used less to share their own photos or opinions, with only 33% in doing so.

Therefore, what we can see is that many social media users are coming to view social networks as a passive form of networking. Users are just looking to consume content rather than sharing their own personal lives.

What does this mean for marketing?

It is good news that users are open to engaging with content, rather than just putting out their own. However, if users are uploading less of their personal content, this may be in response to privacy concerns, and in the long term could negatively impact the ability of marketers to accurately target customers on social media. Before implementing your social media strategy consider what platforms your followers are using and what they are using them for. Then you can tailor your content to their needs.

Source: Global Web Index.

Sample Size: 72,892 Internet users aged 16-64.

Recommended Resources: Social Media Marketing Tool.

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